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Artesanu Foods is focused on the international trade of Brazilian products. The expertise is related to the food area with differentiated characteristics. Our focus is to establish and develop relationships with potential international distributors, interested in adding Brazilian products to their portfolio to better serve their customers.

Artesanu Foods
Exports of Brazilian Products

Export Brazilian products

The company's work proposal is to prospect, present, and commercialize differentiated Brazilian products in the international market. To this end, it wants to establish a relationship of trust between the players involved in this process. From the Brazilian supplier to the distributor abroad.

Artesanu Foods

Coffee Jam

Artesanu's coffee jam is a differentiated product, with a marked and accentuated coffee flavor. Designed to conquer people who enjoy coffee and with an unusual format, jam. An innovative product, because its development had as premise the use of natural ingredients and fruit base.

Packing of 8 oz
SH: 200799
NCM: 2007.99.10

Geleia de Café Artesanu

Honey Bread

Delicate, smooth, and a touch of spice. All very well combined and highlighted with a generous layer of chocolate on top. Light and moist dough. The chocolate coating is made with 100% cocoa butter.

Packing of 5,25 oz> SH: 190520
NCM 1905.20.90

Pão de Mel Artesanu

Kosher Chocolates

A rich product marketed by Artesanu is the organic vegan kosher chocolate - fantastic flavor. This chocolate originates in regions of Brazil where biodiversity is very present, that is, life is everywhere. In this context, the cocoa plants, the cacao trees, are cultivated. It is from the fruit of the cacao tree that the beans are extracted, which after being processed will give rise to the chocolate.

Packing of 2,8 oz
SH: 180632
NCM 1806.32.10

Chocolate Orgânico Artesanu

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